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PhD Position in Biochemistry within the Marie Curie ETN program INTEGRATE (Interdisciplinary Training Network for Validation of Gram-Negative Antibacterial Targets)

2015-03-14 00:54:00

The position is for a full time Early Stage Researcher, funded within the H2020 Marie Curie program (Project 'INTEGRATE'). The candidate will be enrolled in the PhD program in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology established at University of Parma. The candidat


The PhD student will be involved in the characterization of two enzymes from Salmonella enterica serova Typhimurium, O-acetylserine sulfhydrylase (OASS) and serine acetyltransferase (SAT). OASS and SAT catalyze the two last reactions of cysteine biosynthesis in bacteria. 
The main activities will be: 
1) heterologous expression in E. coli and purification of recombinant SAT and OASS.
2) characterization of the enzymes and of their role in cysteine metabolism, including the investigation of the regulatory mechanisms that control SAT and OASS activities. Proteomic analysis of the differential expression of the enzymes under infection-relevant growth conditions.
3) screening of optimized inhibitors by activity assays and fluorimetric methods. 
4) crystallization of SAT and OASS in the absence and presence of inhibitors and of SAT-OASS complex. 

Host: UNIPR Parma (Italy)
Supervisor: Prof. A. Mozzarelli (
Duration: 36 months

Nr of positions available : 1

Research Fields

Chemistry - Biochemistry

Career Stage

Early stage researcher or 0-4 yrs (Post graduate) 

Research Profiles

First Stage Researcher (R1) 


The MSCA programme offers highly competitive and attractive salary and working conditions. The successful candidates will receive:
1) a salary in accordance with the MSCA regulations for early stage researchers. Exact salary will be confirmed upon appointment. Living allowance = approximately 37.320 euro/year (depending on a correction factor to be applied per country) 
2) monthly mobility and family allowance = 600 or 1100 euro depending on the family situation. 

In addition to their individual scientific projects, all fellows will benefit from further continuing education, which includes internships and secondments, a variety of training modules as well as transferable skills courses and active participation in workshops and conferences.


Required Languages
Language ENGLISH
Language Level Good
Required Education Level
Degree Field Biological sciences

Degree Field Chemistry
Degree Master Degree or equivalent
Degree Master Degree or equivalent